Trusts are normally thought of in conjunction with someone who is wealthy, but they are for middle class families as well. A trusts attorney establishes a trust to allow for better management of the assets transfer in the case of your death. It has many benefits and advantages that allow you to protect your assets and take care of your loved ones in the event of your death. The Law Offices of Diane Cohen, PA can help you to create a trust.

Advantages of Trusts

While higher income individuals have long been using trusts to protect their assets, just in the last few years has it come to be known that they can be valuable even for more average-income families. Advantages of a trust include avoiding probate, avoiding creditor claims, protecting loved ones, managing assets if you are disabled, decreasing or even eliminating estate taxes, distributing your assets, and allowing for better business control. These reasons are among the many why people choose to establish a trust.

There are many different kinds of trusts, which is why it is important that you have a Florida Trusts attorney to help you to find the one that will best work for your family and for the purpose you are trying to achieve. For example, if you have a special needs son or daughter that will never be able to care for him or herself, a trust can allow you to set up their care in the event of your death. This protects your child and it ensures that your wishes are carried out in caring for your child.

It is never easy for us as humans to discuss what needs to happen in the event of our death. However, we have a responsibility to our loved ones to make our wishes known, whether it is through a trust or a will. Trusts have benefits over the basic will and this is what causes many people to consult Diane Cohen, PA to learn more about them and to have one prepared to take care of family.

While a trust can be litigated, if it is prepared correctly it will be difficult to overturn. That is why you want to make your choice of attorney carefully. With years of experience, The Law Offices of Diane Cohen, PA are ready to create your trusts and be sure that what you want to happen in the event of your death is done. Contact her today for a consultation and to learn more about the advantages of trusts.