Trust Administration

Trust administration is something you want to entrust to someone that is honest and that has the highest level of integrity. Diane Cohen, PA has the highest level of experience, as well as honesty and professionalism. She specializes in probate, estate, and trust administration law and stays up to date on the latest information regarding these end of life documents. Whether you are dealing with a living trust or a more traditional trust, trust administration is a big responsibility for the trustee, which dictates the need for an attorney.

Trustee Has Duties And Responsibilities

A trustee has certain responsibilities and duties that must be performed according to the terms of the trust. A trust is a type of legal ownership where ownership interest of the assets are split. It is normally used as a tool to plan an estate, but can have many different goals. To protect your interests and rights are something that you would want to receive from an attorney that specializes in trust administration. The Law Offices of Diane Cohen, PA can help you manage a trust to ensure that you are fulfilling all of the legal responsibilities.

Some of the duties that can be entrusted to a trustee includes estate appraisal, estate inventory, accounting of the estate assets, sending beneficiary notices, filing estate and income taxes, and taking care of any sub-trusts. Sometimes a trust dispute will come up and your trust administration attorney will be able to assist you in the litigation to protect your own rights, as well as the trust management that was laid out by the deceased loved one.

Trust Administration Can Relieve Your Stress

A trustee can be held personally responsible for any mismanagement of the trust. This is why you want an attorney on call to ensure that you are managing it according to the terms of the trust. Ms. Cohen will review the trust and determine an action plan based on the specific situation that you are in and the terms of the trust.

If you have been named as a trustee, you want to be sure that you retain a trust administration attorney to ensure that you fulfill the responsibilities and that your own interests are protected. Trust administration can be overwhelming and stressful, but by enlisting an attorney like Diane Cohen, PA to be on your side, you can better manage the trust and ensure that you do it in both an ethical and a honest way. Contact The Law Offices of Diane Cohen, PA today.