Power of Attorney

Have you been considering a power of attorney? What would happen if you were unable to tell your doctors what medical treatment you consent to or you became unable to take care of your financial affairs? While no one wants to think about this possibility, it is inevitable that most every family will face this issue at some time or another. That is why you want to consider contacting The Law Offices of Diane Cohen, PA to create a power of attorney.

What Is A Power Of Attorney?

A power of attorney is a legal document that will give the person that you choose the power to make decisions in your place. For mental incapacitation, you will need a durable power of attorney that will cover both medical care and finances. This is in effect if you are not able to handle matters on your own. If you have a power of attorney, a trusted representative will be legally able to pay your bills, take care of property, manage investments, and make decisions about your medical care, but only if you are unable to do it yourself. Without a power of attorney, your family will have to go to court to be able to make these decisions.

What Do I Need To Consider?

You will most likely want to have two separate power of attorney documents created by Diane Cohen, PA. A medical power of attorney is a health care directive that will share your wishes for your future health care if you are unable to speak for yourself.  Your representative is bound by law to follow your preferences to the extent that they know about them.

A financial power of attorney allows someone to handle the financial transactions that you are responsible for in the case of you not being able to handle it yourself. It is designed for you to give someone else the power to sort through your mail, deposit checks, file tax returns, pay bills, and take care of investments and properties.

Separate documents created by The Law Offices of Diane Cohen, PA can make it simpler for your representative, as the financial specifications are much different than the medical ones. While you may not want to think about it, you want to consider naming a power of attorney for your own good. Contact Diane Cohen, PA today for more information.