Personal Representative

Have you been appointed as a personal representative of someone in their will or trust? If you have, you may have a lot of questions that you need answered. If you do, you need to find an attorney that is experienced in this type of law, such as The Law Offices of Diane Cohen, PA. Estate law is her specialty and she has the knowledge that you need to ensure that you fulfill the law and the wishes of your loved one. As this type of law is ever changing, you want to choose someone that

Why Do I Need An Attorney?

Being a personal representative of someone who has died can be a little overwhelming. Not only are you grieving, but you are also responsible for their financial affairs, which brings a whole set of issues in itself. While it can be a smooth process to take care of winding up someone’s finances, it can move over to the difficult side as well. It is largely dependent upon whether there are people who want to fight the will or the size of the estate. That is why you want to retain a lawyer that will protect your own rights and interests and counsel you on what is expected.

Personal Representative Duties

The duties of a personal representative are so much more than distributing their assets according to their will. While this is one duty, you also must protect the properties in the estate, prepare an inventory of the property, notify the creditors of the death of your loved one, pay any bills or claims against the estate, and file the proper income tax returns. Once you have done all of this, you are responsible for closing the estate according to the laws of the state that you are in. Your main duties are to protect the estate according to the decedent’s wishes and distribute the assets according to the terms of the will.

If you are named as a personal representative, you want to be sure that you are covered as far as your own rights and self-interests and that you are fulfilling the state laws in taking care of your loved one’s final requests. The Law Offices of Diane Cohen, PA will guide you in wrapping up your loved one’s financial affairs and be sure that you are filing the correct paperwork, etc. Contact her for your free initial consultation today.