Have you been named as the executor of a friend or loved one’s will? While you may think that this is no big deal, it can be a big responsibility. By doing it as you are directed in the will, you are ensuring that the wishes of the decedent are preserved and you distribute their assets and take care of their property in the way that they want. Diane Cohen, PA can answer your questions and make sure that you preserve your own rights, as well as administer the distribution of the assets as your loved one wanted.

What Is An Executor?

An executor is a personal representative that a person names to wind up their financial affairs after their death. This means that they will not only distribute assets as directed in the will, but will also take care of property that the decedent owns, as well as paying bills and taxes. If probate is required, the executor will file the right paperwork or hire The Law Offices of Diane Cohen, PA to do so to make sure that probate is completed as soon as possible. Most people think that this is a fairly simple process, but it can be time intensive, as it can take years to wind up a person’s financial affairs.

Can I Do It Myself?

While you could execute a will without an attorney, if you have one, you can make sure that the paperwork is filed correctly and that all of the legal issues are taken care of. If there are no disputes, you may not even have to go before a judge, but if there are, having legal representation is essential. Diane Cohen, PA can be your counsel, as well as your go between for disputes and legal issues. If an estate has significant tax liability, many different types of property, or disputes among the beneficiaries, an attorney will be well worth the money to relieve your own stress.

While you can be an executor without an attorney, if you want to make sure that you follow all of the legal rules and regulations, you want to retain one. The Law Offices of Diane Cohen, PA can work with you to ensure that you cover all the legal bases and that your own rights and interests are protected. Call Ms. Cohen to discuss your options and ensure you are fulfilling the responsibilities of being an executor. Contact her today.