Estate Tax Planning

Federal law imposes a tax on estates that reach a certain dollar value.  The tax can be as high as half the value of the estate.  That’s why it’s so important to consult with an attorney experienced in estate tax planning.  Whether or not the present value of your estate would be subject to estate taxes upon your death, there are critical steps you can take now to assure that any potential estate taxes are minimized.


The Virtual Law Office of Diane Cohen, P.A. has a staff of estate tax professionals eager to help you meet your tax planning goals and objectives.  We can work our tax planning techniques into your will or trust in a way that will make administering your estate much easier, and less costly, for your loved ones.

The Estate Tax law is in a constant state of flux.  Therefore, it’s impossible to know whether your particular estate will be taxed at the time of your death.  The time to plan is now.  Let us create an estate plan for you that will survive any future changes in the tax law.