A loved one dies and you are notified that you are a beneficiary of their estate. While you are dealing with the grief that comes with the loss of a family member or friend, at the same time you are dealing with being given an asset in their will or trust. If you are unsure of your rights, as far as being a beneficiary, you want to find an attorney that is experienced in dealing with this type of case. Beneficiary law is one of the specialties of Diane Cohen, PA.

Beneficiary Rights And Interests

By Florida law, you are supposed to receive a Notice of Administration if you were named as a beneficiary in the will or trust. The representative of the estate should notify anyone who is part of the estate. If you have an interest in the estate, you may have questions that need to be answered as far as your own rights and interests. You want to be sure that you consider not only the asset that you are being given, but also the tax implications that you are going to have when the assets are distributed.

Not Named As Beneficiary

If you do not receive this notice, but you believe that you should have been named as a beneficiary, you want to discuss the situation with an estate law attorney. The Law Offices of Diane Cohen, PA will file a Petition for Determination of Beneficiaries to determine if you were named as one of the beneficiaries. If an estate has not been administered, it may be necessary to take civil action, but in most cases, this issue can be taken care of with the petition.

Death Can Bring Out The Worst In People

While you would hope that a person’s will or trust will be properly administered, there are times when it is not. When this occurs, it may become necessary for you to retain an attorney to ensure that you get the appropriate distribution according to the will or trust. Having your own attorney, like Diane Cohen, PA, can help ensure that you get what you are due. A death can bring out the worst in some people, which is why you want to make sure that you prepare for the worst as far as administration of the assets.

If you believe that you were named as a beneficiary or you have received notice, contact The Law Offices of Diane Cohen, PA, to discuss your next steps. By taking care of your own legal needs, you can take some of the stress out of the process and ensure that your rights and interests are protected. Contact her office today.